A few CMA software providers in the market offer lead generation but all of them are based on enabling a landing page with various different titles such as: “What’s my home worth?” or “Home Value Report” or “Home Facts”, etc.

Here is the key problem with a generic landing page even though it is customized with your photo and logo: the visitor who is on your website would click on the landing page link and will now be on a different website.

Here are a few top reasons why an external landing page is not as effective as retaining the visitor on your website:

  1. The CMA provider’s landing page will not have the same look and feel of your website – it will most probably have a totally different color scheme, fonts, and style.
  2. A visitor’s trust and confidence in the report being generated is reduced drastically once they know that they have been booted over to a different website. This in turn reduces the conversion from visitor to lead.
  3. If you ever want to take a look at the effectiveness of your landing page, you may not have enough information from your website logs to know what exactly happened – ex: visitor bounce rates.

iCMALive Lead Capture augments your website –
does not replace it!

iCMALive provides widgets that can be directly embedded on your website as a button or as a form – see the sample screenshots below.

As a button anywhere on your website

Embedded as a button – that will pop-up a simple dialog box

As a form on any page of your website

As a form on any page of your website

Visitor’s will never leave your website and will be able to complete their research or online journey right there on your website increasing the trust in the services you offer.

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