One of the benefits of using iCMALive is that your MLS data is already present in our database. So, you don’t have to download the data from your MLS.

If you have multiple MLS memberships you are covered with a single search within iCMALive. Consider a market such as Atlanta, GA where Georgia MLS and First MLS both operate in an overlapping market. You can perform a single search within iCMALive to fetch comparable sales from all the MLSs you have membership in.

We fetch the listing data and photos from the MLS every 15 minutes and standardize that so that you can do a single search across all of them.

One important thing to note is that the MLS listing data is only made available to MLS members whose membership has been successfully verified during your initial account setup. We continually monitor and verify your MLS membership before returning any search results for comps.

Please contact us at if you any questions on the MLS data access.

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